Top 4 Programming Language to learn in 2019 to get a job without a college degree

In the most recent post I have talk on how to learn programming easily and effectively as a newbie programmer and how to fit you on career. I have mentioned that we are going to make a clear and clean post on which programming language to learn today (2019 while I am posting this).

Let’s make it more targeted. Let’s say we will know top 4 programming language to learn today to get a job without a college degree.

There are 3 scales by which we have ranked those languages.

  1. The time it takes for a complete beginner to go from a complete zero to get a job without a college degree
  2. The job market and the salary. Or simply how much money you can earn after learning this programming language.
  3. Productivity: How first can you go from conception of an idea to a completely coded application that another person can use.

Lastly I will be showing you

#4 C++ (Called as C-plus-plus)

This is a very powerful programming language for the people on software development, game development and more. If you ever heard about one of the most popular game engine today called unity, that’s using C++. And if you can program on C++ you can easily make awesome game using unity. However for the new programmers, it is a difficult programming language to get started with. Its kind alike if you wanted to learn how to swim and your big brother takes you and through you on the ocean and tell you, just go and figure it out. But average salary for C++ job is $115,819/year. So C++ programming language is great and famous programming language, has great salary but not good for absolute beginner.

#3 Swift

Swift is a native iOS programming language use to create things in the app store. Swift comes from C programming language and it’s similar to C or other languages come out from C. So, if you already know C++ it will be easy for you to learn swift.

Swift is good for freelance coder, iOS oriented startup or to get a job as a iOS developer. Average salary for swift developer is $110,062/year.

#2 JavaScript

It’s an awesome programming language. It is super popular and super powerful. It’s mainly using on web development or web application development. For website builder and web business owner it’s like a must need today. And of course it is versatile and can be used on various types of application in various ways.

The bad sides of JavaScript are also noticeable. There are some most common faction why some programmer or developer don’t like this programming language much –

  • JavaScript keeps changing a lot
  • There are so many ways to make anything done, so it’s may make you confused. But this will not make a problem if you understand and use a good methodology.
  • Always there are new feature and framework which make it hard for new comer to stay updated. Due to this getting a job becomes heard for new comer.

But it’s actually a fun language if you can learn the core thing first. I myself really love this programming language and enjoy working with JavaScript. The average salary for a JavaScript developer is about $110,839/year.

Now moving on to the most powerful and amusing programming language

#1 python

It’s the most powerful, effective and desiring programming language nowadays. Why?

  • It easy to learn
  • It don’t come with lots of update
  • It can do all your stuff like application, game etc
  • Most popular website and web application have built with python. Like, Instagram, YouTube, Google, reddit, quara, hipmunk, NASA.
  • Python is very best language to work with data science and/or artificial intelligence project like face recognition, route finding etc.

Jobs on python are very available today and average salary is $110,021/year

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