This is the disclaimer of codenhex. It will inform you all about ownership, advertisement, content source and all other related things.

Content Ownership

We CodenHex are the creator and legal owner of most of the content of our pages. Text content are written and organized by collecting information from internet and from other physical source. These content are entirely own by us and we don’t copy or borrow from any other person or website.

All administrator user created text content are entirely owned by codenhex.com. But the content created by author user type are not our content. They are responsible about the copyright and the ownership of the content created by them. During approval we check the quality and plagiarism of those content but can take the responsibility of copyright and ownership.

Classified information like statistic data are collected from most popular and trusted source and without any major modification. Some of them may have organized on a different way.

Some of the images and videos are created by us but most of them are use from other web source and before using them we make sure we are permitted to use them. If there are some rules to use them we always make sure to follow. Most of the images are used from pexel.com, pixabay.com and unsplash.com. Images on those website are royalty free and have no claim of copyright.

Advertisement and affiliation disclaimer

We are not a NGO or something like this. So besides helping we have plan to regain the cost of our site by using third party advertisement and affiliate services. Of course they will be trusted. We intend to use google adsense as the advertisement service and amazon affiliate for affiliation. By staying our site you are agree to see those ad and affiliate link and have no complain about those.

Content shown on those advertisement and link are entirely own by those third party service. They are responsible what they are showing on them and if their is anything inappropriate on those ads or links please go to the provider site if you want to complain.

Authors should maintain rules

Our rules are simple but if someone break the rules as a author we are in power of taking any decision about his/her content or account. We can block a user account for time or completely delete if this account break any rule. The reasons you may get banned for

  • Making any spam post or comment
  • Making any comment on of-topic
  • Attack any user, person or group of people
  • Without permission posting any non-tech post
  • Dishonor someone’s profession or some profession
  • Deleting any personal post after published

This is not the ultimate list and may be changed on any time. But changed on this will be informed you all by email and/or other contact.