This is a small effort by team of some developer. We are mainly in the web and software development industry. We have several year of experience and keeping ourselves up to date daily.

Our purpose

Our main focus on CodenHex is to spend time with other techie people. Basically we would love to help newbies on their career and learning. During our journey we had and still having a lots of difficulties and stuck condition. We are able to share our experience from those we have passed with. There are the ready made experience for new developer.

Our topic of article and discussion

  • Will mainly focus on help people learning coding and programming.
  • Best ways to learn programming
  • Selecting the programming language according to market and needs
  • Tips to be stand out from the crowd on job application and interviews
  • How to learn quickly and effectively on career.
  • How to grow career first
  • Ways to be always updated with new things on people’s career
  • And more

Our goal

To make a big community of programmers and coders who will always be bright on their career and at the same time be willing to help each other, specially for the career and for learning. This site will also be helpful for non-techie people because they will be updated with the new tech and programming trend. It can also be helpful because of career advice work for the people of any field.

And that is all for now. We will update it time to time while we have something more to share with our readers. Also if we have miss some information to share on here or any other page please give a few minutes of you to let us know through the contact page. Thank you.